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Dronabinol Overview

Dronabinol is ∆-9-THC, a prescription cannabinoid drug approved in U.S. for the treatment of anorexia in AIDS patients and nausea and vomiting in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. ResolutionRx intends to repurpose dronabinol for the treatment of OSA, thus creating a rapid route to regulatory approval. We have a License and Sublicense for intellectual property from RespireRx. We have access to method-of-use patents for treating OSA with endocannabinoid agonists. We also have access to patents pending claiming use, dosage and controlled release patterns with priority to November 2010 and claiming composition of matter and method of treatment for new formulations of endocannabinoid agonists


The poor tolerance and long-term lack of adherence to CPAP, as well as the limitations of mechanical devices and surgery, make discovery of therapeutic alternatives clinically relevant and important. ResolutionRx’s translational research results demonstrate that dronabinol has the potential to become the first drug treatment for this large and underserved market.

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